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Custom doesn’t have to be synonymous with expensive and complicated. At Kinergetics, we strive to instead equate “custom” with flexible, precise and innovative.

This page will be updated as Kinergetics continues to bring new design and build to the industrial sector.

The Syrup Concentrator™

Kinergetics LLC (Madison WI) continues its technology and process improvement offerings with the innovative Syrup Concentrator™.  The Syrup Concentrator™ is a unique high efficiency forced-circulation evaporation system designed to concentrate de-oiled syrup to total solids concentrations in excess of 50%TS depending on the specific plant situation.  Because the syrup is de-oiled, the total solids from the Syrup Concentrator™ is a much more correct measure of concentration.

Kinergetics success with the Syrup Concentrator™ is based on years of R&D, design of syrup heating systems for COES, and field testing in an operating ethanol plant with Kinergetics pilot scale thermal vapor recompression (TVR) evaporator.  Combined with augmented tube and fluid handling technologies, the engineering expertise and proprietary performance models developed from this work are used to optimize pumping, heat transfer, and flash evaporation to maximize thermal efficiency and minimize electric power input to lower operating cost.

With over 10 years of ethanol specific experience and over 25 years of process industry experience, Kinergetics’ approach is to review each plant’s unit operations and conditions, and then to design the Syrup Concentrator™ so that its operating parameters are effectively integrated with the facility processes.  Combined with the unique Syrup Concentrator™ design, this approach results in thermal efficiencies well in excess of 90%, minimal pumping power and a low cost of operation.

The benefits of the Syrup Concentrator™ are reduced dryer gas use and increased capacity, improved RTO fan capacity due to reduced water vapor loading, lower syrup transportation cost, and greater plant capacity.

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