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Unplugged: How eMAT has transformed the way we view industrial data collection


The process of data collection in the industrial plant sector is significantly different than in a lab or even in a smaller production facility. Equipment operation schedules, limited access points and large machinery all play a roll in collection, and can even discourage collection from happening in the first place. For energy investigations, many facilities may collect little or no data at all around the utility systems of interest.  This is partially due the large capital and time input required for systems that allow facilities to collect and trend data.

What is eMAT?

In 2020, Kinergetics launched eMAT, or Energy Matrix. A wireless data collection system, eMAT eliminates some of the difficulties associated with collection. Relevant data is collected for evaluation and optimization of the system, and is then used for enhancing the quality of energy investigations. In turn, this allows for the facility to determine which data points are important for future considerations of metering points.

How does this work?

After installation, sensors communicate wirelessly with a gateway, which sends data to a server at the Kinergetics office. Additionally, eMAT data does not require facility internet and poses no related concerns for facility IT.  Useful for portable metering or as a long-term metering solution, eMAT also strengthens Strategic Project Optimization (see SPO) by increasing the ease of data collection.  eMAT can be used to collect current (amps), temperature, humidity, 4-20 mA outputs, and much more.

How does this affect my operations?

The best part is that it doesn’t have to. We own the equipment, and simply visit your site to install the wireless sensors.  We then give you access to a web app for real-time data viewing. Because we also have access to the data via our server, we’re able to start analytics earlier than with a traditional metering service, which would require us to visit the facility and collect the equipment before viewing the data.

 What are the process implications?  

eMAT requires only AC power at site. All data is transmitted by cell gateway to a server at Kinergetics’ Madison office.

eMAT is a way to conveniently and wirelessly monitor areas of interest for data collection and energy investigations

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