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Strategic Process Optimization (SPO) is a data driven process that involves four steps:

  • Data Mining:  operational data is retrieved from facility systems by use of portable metering, and virtual metering as needed.
  • Selective Data Reduction (SDR):  The large amount of data retrieved is evaluated and the most relevant information retained for analysis based on project objectives.
  • Statistical Data Analysis and AI:  Statistical and machine based methods (artificial intelligence) are applied to SDR results to identify variables that have a meaningful impact on efficiency to develop and algorithm for process efficiency prediction.
  • Operator Desktop:  Working with facility E&I staff, results are integrated into a “dashboard” that presents operating efficiency “real-time” compared to what it should be.  When excursions occur, corrective actions are provided that do not adversely impact operations.

In 2020, Kinergetics launched eMAT, a wireless data collection system.  eMAT data is stored on a specific server at the Kinergetics office and does not require facility internet, thus poses no related concern for facility IT.  eMAT can be used for portable metering or as a long term metering solution, and strengthens SPO by increasing the ease of data collection.