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Technology Development


 Only four years after its founding, Kinergetics began developing cost-effective approaches to reduce energy use and cost, and this attitude of continuous improvement continues today.  The following is a list of “proprietary” technologies developed by Kinergetics since 2010, all of which are installed and operating in the USA or abroad.

  1. Fermenter circulation pump control at dry-grind corn ethanol facilities.
  2. Specialized heat exchanger and recovery system to recover heat from RTO exhaust where particulates and fouling are a known issue (Ethanol Producer Magazine, September 2012).
  3. Low temperature scrubber exhaust heat recovery (Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce Award for Environmental Innovation, 2012).
  4. Multistage direct contact vent steam recovery system for makeup water preheating.
  5. Cooling tower pump control using VFD and on/off strategies applied to parallel pumping.
  6. High performance corn syrup heating systems to enhance corn oil extraction.
  7. Specialized heat exchanger and recovery system for wood fired boiler exhaust. Includes integrated dew-point control to allow maximum heat recovery without water vapor condensing and mixing with wood ash.
  8. Multi-stage open column direct contact heat recovery system for process drying applications. Contact column (ExTactor) design virtually eliminates fouling or plugging.
  9. Corn ethanol Syrup Concentrator to thicken syrup from falling film evaporators in the dry-grind ethanol facilities. Design maximizes thermal efficiency and minimizes pumping.

Today, we continue our innovative efforts by defining solutions to numerous challenges related to cost effective energy efficiency and water conservation that include:

  1. Direct contact wastewater evaporation and water recovery using low-grade heat.
  2. Cost effective ORC for smaller applications. Demo skid for 5 kW system is in the design phase, with more cost effective system capacities up to 800 kW.
  3. Customizable energy analysis software to expedite the evaluation and reporting of energy efficiency measures identified during an energy assessment.
  4. Systems for heating granular and powered solids.

The above are in various stages of development but all are in progress.  If you have an application that may benefit, please contact Tom Tucker (608) 442-1127 or write us at info@kinergetics.net to discuss your needs.