Tom Tucker, P.E., Principal

Kinergetics LLC

Founded in 2008 by Tom Tucker, P.E., Kinergetics spent its first few years operating out of a home basement in southern Wisconsin. With an original focus on addressing the lack of heat reclamation opportunities in the industry, Kinergetics has since expanded to provide industry support through energy efficiency, process engineering, project implementation and construction oversight in the food/dairy, pulp and paper, ethanol, plastics and metals industries. A number of Mr. Tucker’s heat reclaim designs are unique in the industry. Supported by 5+ employees, Kinergetics has grown to match the industry need for quality work and design.

With more than 15 years of experience, Mr. Tucker is a true engineer who enjoys solving unique and complex problems. If there is something you’re looking to design or implement in your operations that hasn’t been listed on the website, please reach out via email at to discuss your individual needs.

Ammonia Flow Testing

The early days

In addition to Kinergetics, Mr. Tucker was also co-founder of an energy technology development company in Wisconsin. He currently leads the design and development of energy analysis software and energy metering technologies to expedite evaluation of energy efficiency and renewable energy projects.

Mr. Tucker has provided energy efficiency training to utilities and also been an invited speaker at events sponsored by the International Dairy Foods Association, the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Xcel Energy and the Midwest Renewable Energy Association.

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