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Process and Wastewater Evaporation

Evaporation Technology

Kinergetics LLC (Madison WI) is an energy and process efficiency engineering firm with a reputation for providing informative energy efficiency investigations, and innovative, cost effective methods to improve energy and process efficiency at industrial facilities.  This work not only includes improving the energy efficiency of existing evaporation systems, but also includes troubleshooting operational problems, debottlenecking to increase the capacity of existing evaporators, and evaporation system expansion.

We have applied our evaporation system design and thermal design expertise to a variety of challenges including development of the Kinergetics Syrup Concentrator™ for high concentration of corn ethanol stillage syrup, elimination of excessive carryover from stillage evaporators, and modification of MVR evaporators in the bio products industry to improve capacity.  When possible, Kinergetics prefers to apply the well-known concept of “making the best use of what you have” first to minimize investment cost and disruption to operations.

Relying on our expertise with evaporation, direct contact heat recovery and creative thinking to address energy and process related challenges, Kinergetics has been working on methods to minimize wastewater while recovering “clean” water for non-potable process use with minimal up-front cost and operating expense.  Kinergetics wastewater evaporation and recovery systems will find application when water is scarce or when wastewater treatment and water costs are high, and can function on relatively low-grade waste heat.