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Indirect Contact Exchange Heater

Through energy investigations and engineering in the fuel ethanol and oil seeds industry over the past decade, Kinergetics developed a robust shell and tube exchanger using “augmented” tubes for high heat transfer performance and ease of cleaning.

Exhaust Heat Recovery from "Dirty" Exhaust

The design is unlike traditional fin-tube and plate heat exchangers that often plug due to contaminants in the exhaust; there is low-to-no risk of plugging with the Kinergetics design.

Depending on the application, simple returns can vary from 2 to 4 years.

Aside from the exhaust recovery exchanger, Kinergetics provided the complete system design for the above, including dew point control on the ESP system.

Kinergetics can provide parameter field validation, complete system design and engineering or can design the exhaust heat recovery exchanger as a replacement for an existing unit if needed.