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Waste Heat Recovery & Process Heating

Kinergetics has developed a reputation for providing cost effective solutions to numerous heat recovery and process heating challenges ranging from low temperature scrubber exhaust and heat reclaim (<100°F), heating viscous fluids with high fouling potential and waste heat recovery from high volume process exhaust. Because the heat exchange equipment required for reliable operation is not always commercially available, when needed, Kinergetics provides cost effective, custom designed systems specific to the task at hand. We apply practical experience, computer simulation and rheological testing as appropriate. A few examples are:

Scrubber Exhaust and Heat Reclaim (metal finishing)

In the metal finishing industry, process scrubbers exhaust a considerable amount of building air that increases winter heating cost. Kinergetics has developed, installed and commissioned a proprietary approach to reclaim the scrubber exhaust to balance building pressure, reduce makeup air heating, and simultaneously recovery low temperature process waste heat. At one of the largest anodizing companies in the United States, annual fuel use dropped by approximately 30 percent (facility gas meters) while alleviating severe negative building pressure problems. The system was designed to allow future integration of additional low temperature process waste heat, which is expected to be completed by the end of 2011.

Stillage Syrup Heating for Oil Extraction (ethanol)

Heating stillage syrup for corn oil extraction is challenging as temperatures exceed 180°F due to the proteins and non-Newtonian behavior of the syrup. Kinergetics currently provides a cost effective, custom designed heating system that allows for minimal maintenance while and syrup temperatures exceeding 200°F.

RTO Exhaust Heat Recovery (ethanol)

The exhaust from regenerative thermal oxidizers (RTO) contains a significant amount of heat that can reduce process steam demand. One of the concerns at ethanol facilities is the potential for “organic” fouling of the exhaust side of the exchanger. In one case, prior to Kinergetics involvement, the facility installed a traditional “fin-tube” exchanger that became so badly fouled the deposits were “baked” into a hard material almost encasing the fin-tube coils. The exchanger was bypassed and is no longer in service. This single example exemplifies the reason that Kinergetics cannot recommend fin-tube exchanges for RTO heat recovery at many ethanol plants at this time.

To mitigate fouling concerns, Kinergetics developed a custom shell and tube exchanger so that if fouling does occur, it can be cleaned much like the evaporators already used on site. The unique mechanical and thermal design of the exchanger optimizes thermal performance and makes the unit smaller than normally expected for a shell and tube, reducing cost. By comparison, the installed cost is very similar to a fin-tube unit. Such a system was recently commissioned at a Wisconsin facility and is operating as expected.

We are constantly investigating new approaches to cost effectively address heat recovery applications, are always open to new challenges and would welcome the opportunity to discuss your needs.