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Strategic Process Optimization (SPO)

Industrial facilities operate complex systems based on maintaining production quality and output.  While energy is often a major expense, more often than not, the energy impact of operations decisions is not considered.  Kinergetics Strategic Process Optimization (SPO) gives operators the tools to make manual adjustments to minimize energy use and cost without adverse  impact to process operations.

How does it Work?  SPO is a data driven process that involves four steps:

  • Data Mining: Operational data is retrieved from facility systems, by use of portable metering, and virtual metering as needed.
  • Selective Date Reduction (SDR): The large amount of data retrieved is evaluated and the most relevant information retained for analysis based on project objectives.
  • Statistical Data Analysis and AI: Statistical and machine based methods (artificial intelligence) are applied to SDR results to identify variables that have a meaningful impact on efficiency to develop an algorithm for process efficiency prediction.
  • Operator Desktop: Working with facility E&I staff, results are integrated into a “dashboard” that presents operating efficiency “real-time” compared to what it should be.  When excursions occur, corrective actions are provided that do not adversely impact operations.  Working with staff is an integral part of SPO to help establish ownership in the process.

SPO Dashboard Developed for Distillation Process

Because SPO is data driven, results can be tracked to ensure energy cost reduction targets are met on a sustainable basis.

SPO does not require capital equipment, but sometimes the addition of measurement points.  Fees for SPO are most often returned in about 6 to 14 months.

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