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New Technology Due Diligence and Performance Verification

Kinergetics has the technical background and metering experience to provide you the facts on new opportunities. With the myriad of new technologies being offered by reputable firms and those with unproven track records, there is a need to qualify vendor claims to help ensure that the savings are realized and that risk to operations is known. Applying understanding of energy systems and what can be expected in practice, Kinergetics combines it’s engineering and technical expertise with state of the art data collection technologies to establish energy base lines and real time energy use profiles to allow proper evaluation of concepts.

Examples of systems evaluated to date include:

  • Conversion of municipal solid waste (MSW) to energy (www.thinkvisiam.com)
  • Integration of ammonia absorption heat pumps into process operations
  • Use of variable frequency drives on injection molding machines
  • Spray dryer exhaust heat recovery
  • Application of power factor and conditioning technologies to reduce equipment power requirements
  • Conversion of paper mill sludge to energy
  • Evaluation of the energy impact of new CIP technologies on stillage evaporators (ethanol)
  • Combined heat and power using manure on dairy farms farm waste

The results of our work have been used to verify cost savings potential, obtain internal or external venture capital funding, to end speculation about benefits and to bring new products to market.