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Low Temperature Scrubber Exhaust Heat Recovery

Kinergetics has extensive experience with process and facility heat recovery, including development and implementation of options that are “outside of the box.”  At a large Wisconsin anodizer, four (4) process scrubbers continuously exhaust more than 55,000 SCFM of air causing unnecessarily high winter heating gas use.  The exhaust was nearly saturated and about 65°F all year.  Staff previously tried direct recovery into the facility, which failed due to high humidity.

Kinergetics was contacted and asked to consider options to reduce gas use and mitigate the excessive winter negative building pressure.  After field evaluation and consideration of standard approaches to meet the plant objectives, Kinergetics developed a passive (no chillers or heat pumps) low temperature heat recovery system using the cool Wisconsin winter conditions to dehumidify the exhaust while simultaneously recovering heat to preheat incoming building air.

The system concept was accepted, and was engineered, installed and commissioned by Kinergetics in the winter of 2011.  Plant engineers reported a near balanced building pressure and a 30 percent drop in natural gas use after the first month of operation.  The project won the “2012 Environmental Innovation Award” from Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce.