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Oil Seeds

Kinergetics began oil seed facility energy and process efficiency investigations in 2014, and by 2017 had performed investigations at seed facilities in the USA and abroad, completed heat recovery system and equipment design, and had systems installed and operating.

In one case involving direct contact heat recovery from dryer exhaust using the specially designed Kinergetics ExTactor (Exhaust ConTactir), Kinergetics Pricipal Tom Tucker was told the unique approach could possibly be the first of its type in the world.

Patent Pending Waste Heat Integrated Recompression (“WHIR”) system


Using Kinergetics unique waste heat recovery system and proprietary equipment design, we generate a low pressure vapor and compress it to any suitable level within the plant. Design and configuration is always based on the most efficient manner that will meet plant needs and economics.


Thermal performance is guaranteed.

Kinergetics’ Oil Seed process experience includes:

Steam balance modifications to increase extraction/back pressure steam turbine power output and conversion of electric motor-based pumping systems to turbine-driven pumping systems.

Worktank/reboiler economizer system optimization to eliminate the poor thermal performance and fouling often associated with the economizer..

Heat recovery from gas and wood fired boiler exhaust to reduce steam use in preparation, extraction and drying


Minimizing Fresh Water Needs

Wastewater reduction and water recovery for zero-liquid discharge

    Cooling Towers and Water System Evaluation

      Cooling tower and water system evaluation recommendation for improvement, including water distribution and potential impacts to hexane recovery evaporator vacuum.

      Hexane Recovery Evaporators

      Modifications to increase capacity and reduce steam use in hexane recovery evaporators.

      The number of oil seed facilities using our designs

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