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Kinergetics was one of the first to conduct energy assessments in Wisconsin ethanol facilities on behalf of the US Department of Energy (2007).

Since then, we have developed several Ethanol-specific processes desgined to reeduce waste heat and improve performance

Patent Pending Waste Heat Integrated Recompression (“WHIR”) system


Using Kinergetics unique waste heat recovery system and proprietary equipment design, we generate a low pressure vapor and compress it to any suitable level within the plant. Design and configuration is always based on the most efficient manner that will meet plant needs and economics.


The first of its type is under construction, and is expected to be on-line the Spring of 2025.  The system can be tailored to reduce the need for live steam injection, further improving water balance and simultaneously meeting the energy cost needs of the facility.

Plant efficency gains of at least

 5,700 BTU/Gal

are expected.


Optional tailoring will

reduce the need for live steam injection, improving water balance

and further meet the facility energy costs and needs.

Proven Syrup Concentrator™


Kinergetics applies its PsuedoPinch™ approach to thermal analysis, allowing effective integration of the Syrup Concentrator™ with exisitng operations, maximizing efficency.


Plant efficency gains of 2,800 to 3,300 BTU/Gallon are typically expected, with far greater gains possible with waste heat operation. Thermal performance is guaranteed, with efficiences comparable to or exceeding falling film evaporatiors.


the dry solid production possible from concentrating stillage syrup

Simple payback, using utility rates of $3.00/MMBTU and $0.065/kWh

Other Facility Highlights

Patented direct Contact Stillage Evaporation (DSCE)

DSCE process has been used for energy efficency, and as a means to manage water balance by flash cooling thin stillage and sending resulting vapors directly into the thermal oxidizer.

The first installation reducted natural gas costs by $700,000 annually, compared to a competitor approach, all whil eliminating 24 GPM of water from the plant.

Fermentation Pump Control

Reduces circulation pump power at times during the fermentation cyhcle when cooling is not needed.

Existing equipment is evaluated to help ensure lower fluid velocities do not cause settling in heat exchange equipment, and pump speeds are set accordingly.

On-Site Ethanol Assessments completed since 2008

Amony many other services, we also offer cooling tower troubleshooting and debottlenecking to improve tower operation and eliminate air lock issues which hurt cooling water pump performance.

Not sure about what could benefit your facility? Reach out to set up an on-site assessment. Many facilities can benefit from a few small changes that will yield high results. Several of our assessments have led to grants and awards, further helping facilities streamline their costs and utilies.

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