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Detailed Energy Efficiency Investigations

Kinergetics is different from other firms when it comes to identification of energy efficiency opportunities

We start with how the process uses energy since that is where the larger opportunities often exist. Portable metering equipment is often used to verify process parameters and to help ensure accurate energy cost savings estimates.

We consider support systems (compressed air, steam, refrigeration) as appropriate or when requested by our customers.

Savings estimates are supported through use of portable metering equipment, process modeling and engineering analysis

Results are reported in a way that allows facility personnel to understand the basis for the opportunity and the savings

Projects identified have yielded savings ranging from


the fees incurred for the work

A Quick Look Into More Specific Investigations

Combined Heat & Power (CHP)

We have provided feasibility analysis and design for combined heat and power (CHP) and on-site power generation for over 15 years, and are now providing complete CHP evaluation, design and installation.

Our expertise with numerous complex industrial process operations provides unique perspective with respect to integrating CHP into an existing facility; effective Integration is critical for trouble free and economically viable CHP operation.

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Corn Syrup High Concentration

With over 10 years of ethanol specific experience and over 25 years of process industry experience, Kinergetics’ approach is to review each plant’s unit operations and conditions, and then to design the Syrup Concentrator™ so that its operating parameters are effectively integrated with the facility processes. 

Combined with the unique Syrup Concentrator™ design, this approach results in thermal efficiencies well in excess of 90%, minimal pumping power and a low cost of operation.

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Process Cooling System Optimization

Kinergetics takes a systems based approach to identify energy cost avoidance opportunities on Freon and ammonia based chillers and their related heat exchangers and cooling towers.

Sub-metering is often used to identify baseline efficiencies, system loads, and the impacts of operating characteristics.

Kinergetics has evaluated systems ranging from 150 to 60,000 tons

Syrup Heating For Corn OIl Extraction

The Kinergetics’ syrup heating system uses specially engineered shell and tube exchangers to maximize heat transfer and handle the “shear thinning” nature of the syrup.

Combined with the unique exchangers, steam conditioning and other design attributes, the Kinergetics syrup heating system is a cost effective approach offering high heat transfer performance, limited potential for burn-on, and ease of cleaning.

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