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Electrical & Thermal Energy Efficiency Investigations

Kinergetics is different from other firms when it comes to identification of energy efficiency opportunities. We start with how the process uses energy since that is where the larger opportunities often exist. Portable metering equipment is often used to verify process parameters and to help ensure accurate energy cost savings estimates. We consider support systems (compressed air, steam, refrigeration) as appropriate or when requested by our customers.

Working with facility staff, Kinergetics Energy Investigations identify actionable opportunities that can be implemented immediately for little or no cost. We also identify cost effective capital investment opportunities.

Projects identified have yielded savings ranging from 10 to 20 times the fees incurred for the work. Savings estimates are supported through use of portable metering equipment, process modeling and engineering analysis. Results are reported in a way that allows facility personnel to understand the basis for the opportunity and the savings.

While interaction with facility staff is important, we are self sufficient and are able to work safely without escort. Many of our clients have been surprised to find how little support we need when on site. This allows plant staff to focus on other issues so that the energy investigation does not become time intensive for plant staff.

Kinergetics earns lasting relationships by providing high quality results with a solid technical and practical basis and proven results. Many clients are repeat customers, a testament to the quality of work we provide.