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Energy and Process Metering and Testing

Kinergetics has been extensively involved with data collection, metering and verification of process data. We regularly apply our measurement and data collection expertise to identify points of inefficiency, perform detailed process energy balances, conduct energy efficiency focused water balances and evaluate pre and post energy project performance.

The results from these efforts have been used to determine energy cost of operation, troubleshoot process problems, de-bottleneck process operations, provide data necessary for engineering and design of energy recovery systems and process heaters, determine capacity for system expansions, and for pre and post evaluation of energy projects to verify actual savings obtained.

Our in-house metering and data acquisition capabilities include:

  • Combustion analysis and efficiency testing for boilers, reactors, and furnaces (-20°F to 2,000°F).
  • Ultrasonic flow measurement of clean and “dirty” liquids.
  • 3-phase power metering ranging from low (480 VAC) to medium (4,160 VAC) voltage.
  • Rheology testing, typically used for design and engineering for waste heat recovery and process heating systems involving viscous and non-Newtonian liquids.
  • Flow, dewpoint, temperature and data logging for process exhaust (dirty and clean), air and liquids from 0°F up to 350°F.
  • Pressure (up to 300 PSIG) related to movement of water, process fluids, process gas and steam.
  • Evaluation of solar power and solar thermal energy applications using proprietary metering equipment development by Kinergetics.
  • Multichannel data acquisition systems for adaptable for custom applications where specific equipment is not commercially available. Data acquisition rates of up to 14,000 samples per second are possible.
  • Computer process simulation and modeling of facility and process systems.

Kinergetics earns lasting relationships by providing high quality results with a solid technical and practical basis and proven results. Many clients are repeat customers, a testament to the quality of work we provide.