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Kinergetics offers a variety of services spanning multiple industries. We provided only the best service to our clients on both small and large scales.

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Industries Served

Food & Dairy

Oil Seeds

Ethanol & Biproducts

PROVEN Kinergetics Syrup Concentrator ™ for corn ethanol “syrup”.  Process integration maximizes thermal efficiency while unique exchanger design significantly increases thermal performance, minimizes syrup side fouling, and pumping power.

Metal Finishing and Processing

Services Offered

Detailed Energy Investigating

Screening and investment grade energy assessments related to thermal and power efficiency for specific operations or entire facilties

Waste Heat Recovery

Heat transfer solutions for low (<100°F) and high (>300°F) temperature fouling prone exhaust, process liquids and vapors.

Decarbonization & Beneficial Electrificaton

Use mechanical and/or thermal vapor recompression to minimize evaporator, distillation, process and dryer energy use.

Water Recovery & Wastewater Reduction

Patented Technology

Kinergetics is the proud owner of two provisional patents

Waste Heat Integrated Recompression (“WHIR”): A system using Kinergetics unique waste heat recovery system and proprietary equipment design to generate a low pressure vapor, which is compressed to any suitable level within the plant.

The first of its type is under construction and is expected to be on-line the spring of 2025. 

Kinergetics Direct Contact Stillage Evaporator (“DCSE”): The DSCE process has been used for energy efficency, and as a means to manage water balance by flash cooling thin stillage and sending resulting vapors directly into the thermal oxidizer.