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Presentations and Training Provided

  • “Developing and Initiating an Energy Conservation Plan,” University of Wisconsin-Madison, April 2008
  • “Quick Hit Opportunities to Reduce Electricity and Natural Gas Use,” Provided to Field Representatives, Wisconsin Focus on Energy Industrial Program, October, 2005, Madison, WI.
  • “Dairy Plant Energy Cost Reduction,” International Dairy Foods Association, “Environmental & Energy Solutions in Dairy Plants,” October 2005, Chicago, IL.
  • “Industrial Ventilation Best Practices,” Wisconsin Focus on Energy Series, April 2005.
  • “Energy Efficiency in Swimming Pools,” Wisconsin Focus on Energy, numerous dates, 2005.
  • “Energy Efficiency in Food Processing Plants,” 43rd Annual Rural Energy Conference, St. Paul, MN, March 2005.
  • “Energy Cost Reduction in Metal Finishing,” Minnesota Metal Finishers Association, March 2004.
  • “The Business Case for Management Systems,” American Plastics/Chemistry Council, October 2003