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Metal Finishing & Processing

Unlike many energy efficiency firms, Kinergetics’ focus is on production and critical support systems, as these areas are often where larger opportunities for energy cost reduction and process improvement can be realized. In metal finishing, Kinergetics has applied its understanding of electroplating, anodizing, pretreatment, painting, and powder coating to identify, validate and implement numerous energy and process efficiency/cost reduction opportunities. Our project experience and capabilities in metals processing include:

  • Application of “free cooling” to reduce or eliminate the need for chillers during the colder months.
  • Natural gas cost reduction and mitigation of negative building pressure by reclaim of scrubber exhaust from anodize processes while controlling humidity.
  • Heat “cascading” and indirect recovery to reduce energy use by parts washers, and dry-off ovens.
  • Water use reduction and re-use in less critical process steps.
  • Custom design and installation of heat recovery systems on regenerative thermal oxidizers (RTO) to off-set gas use for process and building heating.
  • Recovery of low temperature waste heat (<100°F) from anodize tanks otherwise removed by chillers.

Kinergetics owns and maintains the testing equipment often required to validate process data and applies computer simulation as needed to develop viable, cost effective projects.