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Hospitals & Hospitality

While hospitals and water parks may be the last things to come to mind when you think of energy engineering, a boiler is a boiler, and steam is steam. Both provide optimization potential regardless of use or location. Steam is multi-functional and often used for heating and sanitary purposes.

Essential functions in many hospitals require high levels of steam production. Boiler optimization, heat and steam reuse, and pressure reduction are just a few of the ways we have helped hospitals cut their steam-related energy costs.

Addressing opportunities for improvement on functional processes is routine. However, Kinergetics also has experience troubleshooting non-operational heat and water recovery systems. While visiting a local hospital, we recently found a $500,000 exhaust condensing system to be un-operable for several years. Kinergetics determined the problem, and predicted an estimated savings of 228,000 therms/year and $138,000/year if function was restored.