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Food & Dairy

Kinergetics has extensive experience improving the economic and environmental performance of food and dairy facilities across the United States. Our experience ranges from building lighting, heating and cooling to steam systems, heat recovery system design and engineering, to optimization of evaporators.

Kinergetics founder Tom Tucker served for over two years as a Lead Process Energy Engineer supporting Wisconsin Focus on Energy Program efforts to improve process energy efficiency in the Wisconsin food and dairy industry. The results of some of this work can be found at Wisconsin Focus on Energy – Industrial Sector

Using Reverse Osmosis to Preconcentrate Whey

Whey Pasteurizer Improvement

Avoided Cost-Increased Refrigeration Load

Boiler Upgrade Cost justification and Steam System Assessment

Multi-effect Evaporation

Process Vacuum

Modifying Startup and Shutdown Procedures

Avoided Cost-Replacement of Older Variable Frequency Drive

Avoided Cost-Repair of Failed Dryer Heat Recovery Coil