Ethanol & Bioproducts



Kinergetics was the first (2007) to conduct ethanol energy efficiency investigations for the United States Department of Energy (DOE), with support from Wisconsin Focus on Energy.  We have since worked at some of the largest ethanol production facilities in the world.  Based on this work and the insights gained, Kinergetics now provides several proprietary designs to improve production and plant energy and operating cost:

  • Fermenter Circulation Pump Control: In 2010 Kinergetics realized how to effectively control fermenter circulation pumping without risk to fermentation.  Since that time, we have successfully installed the control systems on more than fifty (50) fermenters from Wisconsin to California.
  • RTO heat Recovery (Sept 2012, Ethanol Producer Magazine): Kinergetics uses its own custom exchangers with “augmented tubes,” direct contact heat recovery (Kinergetics ExTactor™) or a combination of both to recover the most exhaust heat for the least cost.  Our exhaust heat recovery systems have not only been used at ethanol plants, but also at glass and seed oil extraction plants in the USA, Brazil and Paraguay.
  • Syrup Heating for Corn Oil Extraction: Based on its understanding of “syrup,” Kinergetics has developed a reliable approach to preheat syrup for corn oil extraction using primary energy such as steam or waste heat while minimizing fouling.  We guarantee thermal performance and work with plant staff for seamless installation and commissioning.
  • Kinergetics Syrup High Concentration: Efficiently evaporating water from syrup to reach a true solids concentration much above 37%TS is not easy to do on a consistent basis.  Aside from heat transfer challenges, pumping the shear thinning fluid at higher pressures is also a challenge.  Kinergetics has performed extensive rheological (viscosity) and related property testing on “syrup,” and understands how to heat it, and how to pump it while minimizing fouling.  Our high concentration systems are integrated with plant operations to ensure thermal efficiencies exceeding 90%.  Pumping power is also optimized to ensure the lowest electrical cost.
  • Kinergetics Pseudo-Pinch: A very detailed, integrated analysis of energy flows and energy cost opportunities using a blend of pinch analysis and Kinergetics understanding of ethanol plant, heat transfer and process pumping operations.  This is not an academic pinch analysis exercise, but is based in part on sound pinch principles to provide a workable design based on the unique circumstances of each facility.

More than 70% of Kinergetics’ work is repeat business, which is a testament to the quality of work and results that we provide.  Please call 608.442.1127 or email us at to discuss your application.  You may also view our project Photo Gallery, for more information.