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Kinergetics was one of the first to conduct energy assessments in Wisconsin ethanol facilities on behalf of the US Department of Energy in 2007.

Since then, we have developed several Ethanol-specific processes desgined to reeduce waste heat and improve performance

Patent Pending Waste Heat Integrated Recompression (“WHIR”) system using Kinergetics unique waste heat recovery system and proprietary equipment design to generate a low pressure vapor, which is compressed to any suitable level within the plant. The first of its type is under construction and is expected to be on-line the spring of 2025.  Plant efficiency gains in excess of 5,700 BTU/Gallon are expected.  The system can be tailored to reduce need for live steam injection to improve water balance and to meet the energy cost needs of the facility.

Proven Syrup Concentrator™ capable of concentrating stillage syrup to over 45% dry solids at efficiencies comparable to or exceeding falling film evaporators. Kinergetics applies its PseudoPinch™ approach to thermal analysis to effectively integrate the Syrup Concentrator® with existing operations to maximize efficiency.  Plant efficiency gains of 2,800 to 3,300 BTU/Gallon are typically expected, with far greater gains possible with waste heat operation.  With utility rates of $3.00/MMBTU and $0.065/kWh, an installed and operating Syrup Concentrator™ will provide a simple return in the range of 3 to 4 years.  Thermal performance is guaranteed.

Plant Efficiency gains in excess of 

5,700 BTU/Gal

are expected