Direct Contact (Boilers & Process)

Direct Contact Process Dryer Heat Recovery

Kinergetics LLC is a Madison WI based energy and process efficiency engineering firm with a reputation for providing informative energy efficiency investigations, and identifying innovative, cost effective methods to improve energy and process efficiency at industrial facilities.  Kinergetics’ work experience includes the United States, Canada, Mexico, South America and Europe.

Based on energy investigations involving process dryers at manufacturing, oilseed crushing and oil extraction facilities over the past four years, Kinergetics has designed systems to recover heat from the dusty exhaust that often results during normal drying process operations.  The Kinergetics design incorporates an “open column” direct contact design that will not plug or foul as contact columns with mass transfer packing often do.  The contact column was designed specifically for more challenging process heat transfer applications and is called the ExTactor™, for Exhaust conTactorAside from more reliable long term operation, the ExTactor also has a lower pressure drop for increased energy efficiency, which also lessens concerns about loss of drying capacity due to increased system back-pressure.