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Deaeration Columns

Reduce Makeup Water Heating and Feedwater Chemical with a Dearation Column

Why do I care? I already have feedwater treatment.

Yes, you do, but if we had to guess it probably involves heavy chemical usage and not enough waste heat.  Gone are the days that required steam and chemicals to pre-treat feedwater. Instead, deaeration columns built for your facility can offset the energy needed to heat cold makeup water, and decrease the usage of stripping chemicals. Adaptable in space-limited areas, they don’t require pumps or installation of a DA tank. Their flexible nature means they can be mounted almost anywhere, depending on the process setup. With the ability to run using waste heat and steam, they further streamline your facility and decrease costs.

This sounds too good to be true…

Usually, it is! Most column manufacturers don’t provide custom columns at low enough pressures or prices to make these a feasible option. Because of this, we design and produce our own. Recently, we were able to provide one large facility columns at a cost 2-3x less than a competitors quote. In the process, we used waste steam to heat their makeup water while significantly decreasing chemical use. Our approach allows us to get rid of a “one size fits all” method and instead focus on addressing your individual needs. For a system installation example, see here.

Streamline your space, cut chemical costs, and make waste heat work for you with custom deaeration columns

Custom doesn’t have to be synonymous with expensive and complicated. At Kinergetics, we strive to instead equate “custom” with flexible, precise and innovative.