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Custom Deaeration Columns

Example System Installation

Kinergetics was contracted to design the heat recovery system and deaeration column to meet system needs.  Kinergetics designed the recovery system, controls and the deaerator column for gas stripping and flash steam recovery in-house.  The system was started in April 2020 with benefits including a reduction in steam demand for feedwater heating, elimination of winter freezing concerns, and a 50 percent reduction in oxygen scavenger use.  Feedwater temperatures increased from about 175°F to 210°F on average.

For the boiler system averaging an output of about 450 BHP, the following savings were seen:

Energy Savings………49,875 Therm/Yr (3% Reduction at Steam System)

CO₂ Reduction……….259 Metric Tons

Cost Savings…………$36,291/Yr

Simple Payback………2.8 Yr

Blowdown heat recovery exchanger and control (not pictured)
Custom deaeration column designed by Kinergetics placed above the condensate return tank.  The flash steam vented from the tank is now recovered and used for the purposes of deaeration.