Syrup Heating for Corn Oil Extraction

Kinergetics LLC is a Madison WI based energy and process efficiency engineering firm with a reputation for providing informative energy efficiency investigations, and innovative, cost effective methods to improve energy and process efficiency at industrial facilities. Kinergetics’ work experience includes the United States, Canada, Mexico, South America and Europe.

Kinergetics was the first (2008) to perform detailed energy investigations at dry-grind ethanol facilities for the United States Department of Energy (DOE). This led to Kinergetics’ leading ethanol process energy efficiency efforts for Wisconsin Focus on Energy and providing input to the corn ethanol best practices guidebook (2009). Since that time, Kinergetics has developed cost effective and reliable approaches to fermentation pump control, RTO exhaust heat recovery, “syrup” concentration and heating for corn oil extraction systems (COES).

The Kinergetics’ syrup heating system uses specially engineered shell and tube exchangers to maximize heat transfer and handle the “shear thinning” nature of the syrup. Combined with the unique exchangers, steam conditioning and other design attributes, the Kinergetics syrup heating system is a cost effective approach offering high heat transfer performance, limited potential for burn-on, and ease of cleaning. Reduced dryer energy cost results when syrup is heated with live steam and dried distillers grains are produced. Kinergetics supports its clients after installation to ensure system operation meets the thermal performance guarantee.

Kinergetics’ work includes testing the syrup fluid properties at concentrations ranging from 28 to 52 %TS; we understand the challenges related to the pumping, heating and concentration of syrup. Systems are presently operating in Wisconsin, California, and Arizona, with additional sites under consideration.

More than 70% of Kinergetics’ work is repeat business, which is a testament to the quality of work and results that we provide.