Process Optimization & De-Bottlenecking

At Kinergetics, Process Optimization and De-Bottlenecking typically involves detailed evaluation of existing systems to identity ways to increase capacity by changing process parameters, improving upon the design of existing equipment where certain design aspects are limiting, recovering heat to relieve capacity constraints and when necessary, upgrading systems with new equipment to reach process and production expectations. This work always involves use of portable metering equipment to develop complete process energy balances, confirm process data and verify certain aspects of operation since things are not always as they seem.

Our experience includes:

  • Detailed process mass and energy balances.
  • Identification of process constraints and equipment limitations.
  • Startup commissioning.
  • Stillage evaporators (ethanol): falling film liquid distribution, energy optimization, liquid/vapor separator evaluation and vacuum systems.
  • Capacity assessment and heat recovery on dairy and pulp liquor evaporators.
  • Spray dryer heat recovery and evaluation of alternatives.
  • Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer (RTO) fan capacity evaluation and corrective measures.
  • Whey powder cooler design and improvement.
  • Process washers and dry-off ovens.
  • Trouble shooting evaporative condensers (ammonia) for poor heat rejection.

Kinergetics can provide the detailed evaluation, engineering and implementation to ensure that the desired result is achieved. However, we do not try to be everything to everyone. In cases where the services required are outside of our capacity or expertise, we have access to and are well connected with leading process industry experts.

Kinergetics has earned a respectable reputation by providing high quality results with a solid technical basis and proven results. Many clients are repeat customers, a testament to the quality of work we provide.