The following web links have been found useful with helping identify and understand opportunities related to energy efficiency. While Kinergetics cannot assume responsibility for the content of these sites, the information is believed to be generally reliable.

  • Spin-works (Erie, PA) has developed a unique process that uses three-dimensional modeling and rapid-prototyping to fabricate silicon-carbide ceramic tube inserts (SpyroCor™) and high temperature heat exchangers with an integral burner (HeatCor™) that can improve the thermal efficiency of heat treat furnaces by as much as 30%, even if the furnace already has a traditional recuperator.

    Due to the unique nature of the products (there is not an equivalent alternative at this time) and Kinergetics involvement in testing and validation of the efficiency gains, Kinergetics is providing support to Spin-works for validation of products on furnaces in the Upper Midwest. To schedule process reviews or more information visit Spin-works at Spinworks.

  • Compressed Air: If you have questions about the energy efficiency of compressed air systems, the Compressed Air Challenge (CAC) website is a great place to start. The site offers information on workshops, guidebooks and a variety of other materials related to compressed air. Compressed Air Challenge
  • Combined Heat and Power: The Combined Heat and Power Partnership is supported by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to provide assistance to those wishing to pursue combined heat and power (CHP) technologies. Services range from permitting to preliminary feasibility assessment. At present the program does not provide funding for implementation. Combined Heat and Power Partnership
  • The Northwest Food Processors Association provides information on energy efficiency in the food processing industry. NWFPA Energy Portal
  • The US Department of Energy Office of Industrial Technologies offers a wealth of information on efficiency “best practices” and software tools for steam, motors, combined heat and power, fans, pumps and a variety of other systems. Best Practices – US Department of Energy
  • The Wisconsin Focus on Energy Program is one of the leading State energy efficiency programs in the country. The Focus website includes information on specific industry “clusters” such as metal casting, pulp and paper, food/dairy and plastics. There are Guidebooks available for each of the clusters that highlight predominantly process related energy efficiency opportunities based on work conducted at Wisconsin facilities. Kinergetics Principal Tom Tucker was the lead Process Energy Engineer for the food/dairy and plastics cluster. WI Focus on Energy – Industrial Sector