Company Overview

Company Overview
Kinergetics LLC (Madison, WI) was founded in 2006 by Tom Tucker, a registered Wisconsin Professional Engineer and US Department of Energy (DOE) Qualified Specialist on steam and fan systems. In 2009, Kinergetics began engineering and design services at the request of several customers in the ethanol industry.

While still performing energy efficiency investigations, the engineering and design efforts opened a new chapter leading Kinergetics to develop several proprietary equipment and system designs for challenging industrial operations. These include fermenter pump control, heat recovery from “dirty” exhaust, corn oil extraction syrup preheating systems, high efficiency syrup concentration/evaporation processes and “open column” direct contact heat recovery systems for recovering heat from wet and dirty exhaust. Kinergetics designs are now installed and operating in three countries.
After a decade of supporting industry in the United States, South America, Mexico, Canada and Europe, Kinergetics is continuing to develop its capabilities and offerings through Combined Heat and Power (CHP) and wastewater/water reduction not only for industrial, but now for commercial facilities and hospital as well.

Additionally, we are developing a lower cost approach to use the Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) to convert waste heat into power. The challenge with ORC is not only one of equipment cost, but also one of effective integration, with which Kinergetics has extensive industrial experience.
Today, Kinergetics is still small but staffed by chemical engineers with a passion for understanding facility operations and energy performance to uncover opportunity where none may have existed before.
More than 70% of Kinergetics’ work is repeat business, a testament to the quality of work, results and support that we provide. Please call 608.442.1127 or email us at to discuss your needs and find out why. You may also view our project “Photo Gallery.”
Partial Client List:

• Ace Ethanol LLC
• Archer Daniels Midland (ADM)
• Ball Corporation
• Didion Ethanol
• Domtar Paper
• Energy Center of Wisconsin
• Franklin Energy
• Foremost Farms
• Johnsonville Sausage
• Green Plains Renewable Energy