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Kinergetics (kin-er-jet-ics) was founded by Tom Tucker, P.E., a UW-Madison graduate of the Department of Chemical Engineering, and the college of Charleston Department of Physics.   Having always been a "hands-on" person, Tom became interested in energy while working as a plant engineer in Texas where he had the opportunity to address plant process challenges as well as conduct field testing related to process operations and energy consumption.

With extended family based in Madison, WI., the Tucker family relocated from Texas to Madison in 2000 where Tom accepted a position with the relatively new Wisconsin Focus on Energy Program.  In his developing role as an Energy Advisor and Industrial Process Efficiency Lead (Food/Dairy and Plastics/Chemicals), Tom gained valuable insight into many industrial process operations and was afforded the opportunity to work with plant staff to perform technical and economic evaluations that would be well received by management.  During his time with Focus on Energy, he received an Individual Achievement Award for developing technical evaluation and energy management tools and methods to support energy efficiency in Wisconsin.

Following a three year tenure with Wisconsin Focus on Energy, Tom accepted a position with a local energy efficiency consulting firm where he continued to support the Focus on Energy program and the process industry through technical evaluations and developing energy management programs.  Additionally, Tom developed a robust energy efficiency assessment and reporting software program while working with software developers in the US and abroad.

Tom started Kinergetics LLC in 2006 with a focus on detailed energy efficiency investigations for the process industry.  He began performing steam system assessments and efficiency training at large industrial facilities around the country for the US Department of Energy as well as directly for industry.

In 2008 Kinergetics began engineering and design service at the request of several customers in the ethanol industry.  This opened a new chapter which lead Kinergetics to develop proprietary equipment and system designs for a number of challenging industrial operations, this includes fermenter pump control, heat recovery from "dirty" exhaust, corn oil extraction preheating systems, high efficiency evaporation processes and "open column" direct contact heat recovery systems.  All of which are now in operation in three countries.

In the spirit and philosophy of the company, efficiency is always at the forefront of its work, even if it means doing things differently.

After over a decade supporting industry in the US, South America, Mexico, Canada and Europe, Kinergetics is continuing to develop its capabilities and outreach through Combined Heat and Power (CHP) and wastewater/water reduction not only for industry, but also for hospitals, hotels and large laundromats due to the efficiency improvement and cost reduction opportunities that exist.

Today Kinergetics is still small, yet it is staffed by chemical engineers with a passion for understanding facility operations and energy performance to uncover opportunities that may not have presented themselves before.

More than 70% of Kinergetics' work is repeat business.  This is a testament to the quality of work, results and support that we provides.  Please call 608.442.1127 or email to discuss your needs and discover why working with us is your best choice.

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Kinergetics provides a variety of energy efficiency services to its customers typically covering the following areas:

  • Process and energy efficiency assessments on thermal and power systems
  • Validation of energy efficiency project economics using Kinergetics' own Energy Mapping and Project Validation™ (EM&PV) approach
  • Heat recovery system design and engineering, including unique process and low temperature applications.
  • Process energy efficiency optimization related to heating and cooling
  • Process and facility energy balances to evaluate the capacity of existing utilities for growth
  • Technical and economic evaluation of new energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies.
  • Integration of new energy efficiency technologies into existing operations

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